May 28, 2015

Going Nomad

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I want the freedom to have time to pursuit other things in my life. I have been looking for an online job, both which haven’t materialized as I expected. In this video, a nomadic couple uses their van as their home base. It looks comfy but what do you do if you need to take a shower or take a dump? You can’t take off your clothes at any time. What about intimacy? Also during summer it is going to be hot unless they find a place they can park with their van doors wide open.

But maybe someday I will be a nomad of sorts, who knows?

Yoga Is Hard

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  • Yoga is hard when you haven’t been to class for 3 straight days.
  • Yoga is hard when you have been drinking too much alcohol during the week and you can feel it seeping from your pores.
  • Yoga is hard when the weather is muggy and you are drowning in sweat even with the most simple asanas.
  • Yoga is hard when you have to battle terrible traffic just to go to the studio.
  • Yoga is hard when the teacher keeps coming back to adjust you and you have no idea what is wrong.
  • Yoga is hard when the teacher announces inversions while all you want is a nice gentle flow.
  • Yoga is hard when everyone in class are serious/flexible/strong yogis.

May 26, 2015

Devil Worshipper

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Last Thursday, I sat on a half-occupied table at Jafar’s for my chicken shawarma wrap. It was almost 8pm and I had just come from another sweaty yoga class and dropped my yoga mat on the chair. There was a couple on the opposite side of the small table. Other members of the yoga class that I joined passed by. The girl asked if there was yoga in BTC and the guy replied yes and immediately segued that he heard that yoga was worshipping the devil. My eyes immediately went wide! I lost track of what they were saying because I was caught up with the insult of being called a devil worshipper by a person a couple of feet away from me. Did he not see my yoga mat? Did he know that he was insulting me? I don’t remember if the guy read it or heard it but he said he did so with an open mind. I wanted to blurt out that yoga is not a religion but I am not good in explaining things in a confident, calm manner. My impulse was to say something angry and incomprehensible. The girl tried to argue for the other side saying yoga is a form of meditation. They started an argument about it and the guy had the upper hand. 

This is not the first time for me to hear about yoga and the devil but it was the first time someone said it in front of me and not even in a questioning manner. I have read some books that have explained on this. However I cannot paraphrase it intelligently. Besides I am not an advocate of yoga and I am done trying to convince someone to do yoga. My practice is my own.

I did not enjoy my shawarma, I was seething in anger while eating it. I gathered my trash and threw it into the bin, including the anger, frustration and turmoil of the past 15 minutes.

May 23, 2015

Coldplay’s Game of Thrones Musical

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This made me laugh before heading out to Butuan for the weekend. Check out Ramsay and Theon’s scene!

May 21, 2015

Maybe I Should Do More Than Yoga?

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#GimmeFive FLOTUS Style

Last Night

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Last night, a foreigner bought 3 shawarma wraps at the Jafar’s stall in BTC. With the way he ordered it didn’t look like it was the first time. I was sitting in the table nearby and looking at him while he was taking a drag on his cigarette. A lot of questions came to my mind. What was he doing here in Cebu? Did he live nearby (he was wearing shorts & flipflops)? Was he single? Did he know there was a hole on the edge of his shorts? What was his impression of me? I was eating messily my chickpeas shawarma while still sweaty from my recent yoga class with my mat and backpack strewn all over the table. I passed behind him when I threw my trash into the bin. I was too embarrased to even say hi to him. It is not often that I see someone catches my eye.

Next time if I see someone interesting and as long as the person is alone, I will say hi. I have nothing to loose, right?

May 19, 2015

Things Change, Things Remain The Same

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A year ago, I discovered a group of people from different aspects of life, all connected by the love of yoga. We hang out after a yoga class, joined outreach programs, even went to a retreat in Moalboal. Suddenly I found my satsang in the midst of Cebu. Everyone was special, everyone was quirky. I learned from these people, I was inspired by them. Friendships were formed, everyone was embraced with acceptance. Now I hardly see these people anymore. Some of them have moved to other places. Those that have I bonded with have formed new relationships. I think some of them may have stopped doing yoga. Once in a while there would be a gathering for yogis, a workshop, an outreach. Most of the time I would beg off, either I would be working, it is too far away, I need my rest, some other excuses. I guess it is hard to recreate the magic we had, maybe the right people came together at the right time. Who really knows? As I continue with my yoga practice, I continue to look for another satsang to be part of.

Last year, I accepted a challenge at work hoping it would mean opportunities for me. My job title remained the same but I got more work which I was not financially compensated. The new responsibilities were not a good fit for me. It gave me more stress than I wanted to have in my life. Finally it made me realize that I want to scale down my work life. I am currently looking for an online job that would cover my normal expenses and maybe even a little savings. With an online job, I will have free time for yoga, books, travel and other pleasures in life. I am still searching for an online job, for now this is what I want from the universe.

My first international travel since I came home in 2007 was last year’s business trip to Japan. It was scheduled suddenly that it left me frazzled getting my visa, my money, etc. I was not in a good mood when I left, if the Japanese immigration officer denied my entry I would have been more than happy to take the flight back home. During the two weeks I was there, I worked during the Holy Week and ignored my birthday. It was good to be back in Japan after 14 years but I was elated to come home. Last February’s trip to Kuala Lumpur was impulsive, fun and eye opening. After a long time, my wanderlust was ignited again. I want to go to Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and any country with no visa for Filipinos. I am looking for a travel companion but either they have no money or have other priorities. I am afraid to go alone because I feel like I would just hole up in the hotel room instead of exploring what the place has to offer. I also have to let go of all of this negative emotion inside me, I don’t want to be burdened when I travel.

Now that I have entered another decade, I want to change direction. I want to enjoy life. I want to use the money I have saved all of these years. I want to say I have lived my life instead of merely passing time. Things change but somehow it still feels the same.

May 13, 2015

War of the Roses Explained via Game of Thrones

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I knew that A Game of Thrones was based on the War of the Roses. Here is a video that explains the parallels.

May 12, 2015

Evolution of My Chaturanga Dandasana

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I have no idea how I did my chaturanga in my early days with yoga. Like any other newbie, I was probably dumping my torso on the ground without actually using my arms or engaging my core. I was intrigued when the teachers demonstrated it, they would hover mid-air and then push up their torso with ease. For a certain length of time I followed the instructions of knees down, chest down, elbows close to the ribs, lower down with control.

I started watching videos breaking down the pose. I discovered that you pushed forward your body with your toes to get the 90 degree elbow bent angle instead of bending your elbows from high plank to low plank. That was my chaturunga for a while until I hurt my left shoulder so that I had to do the knees down, chest down option. After my shoulder got better, I went back to pushing my torso forward but I still needed to lower my entire chest down before I can push up to cobra or up dog. I tried to hover and push up but at the last second I would put my knees down to compensate, I always felt like my upper body was too heavy for my shoulders. I was stuck with that for a long time.

Then last week, I think I copied the person in front of me. I stiffened my arms, made my elbows graze my upper ribs. I suddenly found myself pushing up to upward facing dog. It was my light bulb moment! I did that a few times in several classes. I fumbled sometimes and when I was too tired I would go back to the easy option. Last night was a really sweaty power yoga class, I managed to hover in all of my chaturunga. Need to observe further if this is a sustainable option for me. Also I wonder if I am hunching my shoulders?

There is still the curling of toes that eludes me. I still have to flip my feet from up dog to down dog. I don’t think my toes are ready for that challenge. For the past few months I thought that I was already at the peak of what I was capable with my yoga asanas. It seems that I am wrong, my body is still changing, my mind is still learning. There are still things to look forward to! The journey continues.

May 10, 2015

Far from the Madding Crowd Trailer

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The movie looks lovely. Maybe I should read the book? Who will Bathsheba choose? Or will she choose at all?

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