January 22, 2012

The Loves of Dorcas Lane

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In Lark Rise to Candleford, the narrator is Laura Timmins and it seems that every handsome young man is linked to her. But I don’t care about her romance which I find indiscreet (kissing on the streets!).

I prefer to focus more on the loves of Dorcas Lane.

First there is local squire Sir Timothy Midwinter. He asked Dorcas to marry him when they were younger but she turned him down because of class differences. In season one, he is unfortunately married. He moves to London to protect his marriage to Lady Adelaide.

Then comes James Dowland, the part owner of The Golden Lion hotel. He came from Lark Rise and became successful by having an affair with a wealthy woman. When Dorcas learns of his past, she puts a halt to their budding romance. He gives up his hotel for Dorcas and discovers that he has a son. Later on, she adopts his son Sydney.

Finally there is Gabriel Cochrane. He lost his foundry after spending his bank loan on his young wife who later dies. He starts working at Dorcas’ forge and develops a revolutionary farming machine. Dorcas offers herself to him but he turns her down. Later on, he realizes that he needs Dorcas and returns to Candleford.

There is Mr. Delafield the school teacher but he only lasted for one episode so he deserves no picture in this list.


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