February 1, 2012

Stay Sharp!

Filed under: Web/Tech — rvchua @ 1:27 pm

When I was younger, I would memorize textbooks especially those on History. I can even remember which part of the page a certain topic is located. Now, I can barely remember anything. I would go to someone’s table (to squeeze in some exercise) but then I forget what I am supposed to talk about. I have to rely on lists otherwise I forget what I was looking up in a certain file.

I sometimes worry what my memory would be in a few years time. I read a lot but sometimes I wonder if that is enough to keep my mind sharp. Here is a 100-year old lady who keeps her mind active with her Nintendo DS.  She is more tech savvy than I am! I don’t play any games on my laptop, I get bored easily. I only lasted two days with Angry Birds.

Should I buy a Nintendo DS in the future? What games does she play in her DS?


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