February 4, 2012

Lasik Update

Filed under: Health — rvchua @ 7:24 am

I finally had my lasik surgery last Thursday. Ever since I stepped into the clinic, my life has become stressful. I had to cope with my fears about the surgery (my eyes kept blinking during the operation that the doctor had to scold me), the rest period (wherein I wasn’t able to relax), trying to figure out the schedule for the eye drops and wearing goggles while sleeping. Then the day after, it was found out that my left eye wasn’t completely fixed (still had astigmatism) so I have to increase the schedule for the eye drops and may need further surgery in a few weeks. Going back to the office was agony, I had a hard time reading my emails and there were already more than a 100 waiting when I got back after being gone only a day. Early this morning, I suddenly woke up and found that my goggles broke. So I had to go to SM to buy cheap goggles with elastic band (to wear at night) and a proper sunglasses (yet cheap) to protect against the glare. So now I am not just stressed out (I have a hard time to catching up with work and I cannot read clearly my ebooks on my cellfone) but also dirt poor (the procedure, the eye drops, the taxis, the sunglasses).

But what can I say about the results? Honestly, I cannot appreciate it since I still have to wear goggles at night and wear sunglasses when I go outside. But I love looking in the distance which was always difficult even with glasses before. The big bummer is I still have a hard time reading anything near. I really hope that this gets fixed soon so that I can plan what I will do now that I no longer wear glasses.


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