April 23, 2012

Hair Rise and Fall

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I have a whole gamut of hair problems: white hair, falling hair, dandruff, dry scalp, etc. So I agonize about the shampoo that I use, the amount of hair clogging the shower drain, the hair that falls off my comb every time I brush my hair. The only simple thing about my hair is that I have no qualms cutting it short. So last Thursday after I finished my appointment in Cebu, I got a really cheap haircut. I almost regretted going to a cheap beauty parlor, although I told the stylist to do whatever he/she liked. The stylist savagely attacked my hair, fortunately the end result wasn’t too bad. I even had several compliments the next day.

For the past several months I have been using Clear Shampoo Dry Scalp and Itch Control in alternate with a gugo shampoo. Since I used up the gugo shampoo a few weeks ago, I have been exclusively using Clear shampoo only. Then I found out that my scalp was more itchy. So now I am using it in alternate with Suave Daily Clarifying. Last Sunday’s results were okay so I hope this will be my regimen until the shampoos run out!


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