June 1, 2012

Mirror Mirror

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I can’t believe that someone wasted money to make this into a movie. I couldn’t find anything new with the story, Snow White saves herself but this has been done several times before. At best this could have been made into a tv movie with a much reduced running time.

One thing I really hate in movies is fake snow!! In the movie, the land is covered in snow almost from start to finish. Yet we can see the prince and his valet in their undergarments in the snow-covered forest. Snow White is running for her life in the forest wearing only a ball gown. Nobody is shivering. Nobody wears appropriate winter clothes. Nobody has icy breaths!

By now you may have seen the photos of Snow White’s swan ball gown and the Queen’s numerous gowns. I thought that this would be the movie’s signature, an over the top approach. However the wacky costumes are limited to the rich only. The visuals are boring including the Queen’s secret enclave and all we see is the forest, the forest, the forest which is covered in fake snow!

Julia Roberts plays the Queen and has this weird British accent which comes and goes. I noticed this in the trailer several months ago and now it is undeniable. Couldn’t she use her ordinary voice? I found it jarring.

The only thing that woke me up from this boring movie was Sean Bean who plays the King who was enchanted and becomes the Beast. This is one thing that I never understood. They mention the Beast and show shadows in the forest but the Beast is forgotten most of the movie and appears only in the latter part.

Overall I found this movie to be boring, forgettable and a waste of time. Not even the bollywood dance scene could save this movie.


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