June 1, 2012


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This series has been sitting in my hard drive for a long time. I started watching the series but stopped after a few episodes since I found Hachiko to be immature and annoying. But the past few weeks there waren’t a lot of things to watch so I decided to pick it up again.

I think I would have enjoyed this series but I just can’t get past Hachiko’s character. I found her immature, irresponsible (with money), clingy, emotional and easily falls in love with men. Her first lover (I think she was 16!) is a married man who she sleeps with because he was kind to her. And even when she has a real boyfriend she easily finds other men attractive. The series has 47 episodes but I only had the first 34 episodes, in the last episode she decides to marry Takumi because she becomes pregnant. I can’t believe with that kind of decision. In this day and age (the series is set in 2001 Tokyo), do women still marry for that reason? Unbelievable.

As for Nana, I am not sure what I think of her. She acts tough and despite after 34 episodes I don’t know anything about her. She is a mystery that I don’t care to unravel.

I have other problems. One is that everyone is smoking. Is there no smoking ban in 2001 Japan? They only try to stop smoking when they learn Hachiko is pregnant. Another problem is the weird relationships, I find it immature and sometimes disturbing. It seems that the universe is limited to between Trapnest and Blast, nobody else matters. Also why is an early 20s woman sleeping with a 15-year old kid who has sex with women for money? As for the portrayal of punk, I don’t find it realistic, everyone tries too hard to be cool. The members of Blast all have piercings but why is it only Nana has a tattoo?

I know that I am 20 years too old for the target audience of this series but this was shown on tv when I was in Italy in 2007 so I have this compulsion to watch it. Again I would have enjoyed this if there were more mature characters who are in realistic relationships. The only person that makes sense (so far) is Yasu but unfortunately he is not the main character.


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