June 9, 2012

The Curse of Dry Lips

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I don’t normally use lip balm but once in a while I buy Chapstick when I feel that my lips are dry. After reading in the internet that using lip balms or shimmer only make lips drier, I decided to use up my existing Chapstick and stop buying them in the future.

Last March while feeling bored, I decided to buy a tube of fuchsia lipstick. After a couple of days I noticed that my lips started to dry so I used Chapstick first then followed by lipstick. Then I decided to rest my lips for a while but I found that have my lips have become more dry which I have never experienced before. Since then I regularly apply Vaseline petroleum jelly from a small jar. I have to apply Vaseline after I eat, drink or brush my teeth. I also need to apply it before going to sleep. My lips was so dry and starting to peel off.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my lips started to itch. I don’t know exactly but my Vaseline may have been contaminated since I use my fingers to apply it on my lips. It was time to buy a new lip balm. I have been reading several makeup blogs so I knew that I needed something with SPF and had no fruity flavors, a medicated lip balm. So this morning at Watson’s I bought Nivea Med Protection which has SPF15 & Vit E (P89.75). I started using it right after leaving the store. I have applied it several times, my lips still feel dry but I hope it improves soon. I am desperate!


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