July 16, 2012

The Legend of Korra Season 1

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Korra is the new avatar who has already mastered water, earth and fire at an early age. Her adventures start when she begins her air bending training in Republic City. By that time Korra is already in her late teens and is cocky and impatient.

The Legend of Korra which is set 70 years after The Legend of Aang. Great technological changes have happened, Republic City is a steampunk world with dirigible, cars, radio and telephones. Several characters in the early series make some cameos from a grandmother Katara to middle aged Aang, Toph and Sokka (who became a judge!) in a flashback. We don’t see Zuko but his grandson is a General in the navy.

My most favorite character is Lin Beifong who is Toph’s daughter and the police chief of Republic City. She has inherited her mother’s abilities like metal bending and being able to sense what is beneath the ground. Metal bending is used primarily by the police in apprehending criminals. The most badass thing she did in the series is when she tore apart an airship. The question that I desperately need answer is who is Lin’s father? Who did Toph marry?

The first season is about benders vs non-benders, technology vs bending. Thankfully the first season was only 12 episodes long so the story developed quickly. Korra finally is able to air bend and enters the Avatar state for the first time. The show is already booked for season 2 and season 3. I wish there would be more stories about Aang’s grandkids.


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