August 11, 2012

An Experiment

Filed under: Health — rvchua @ 4:55 am

I am at work 9.6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Most of that is spent sitting down. After coming across several articles describing the health risks associated with sitting down for a long time, I try to find opportunities to stand up and walk around at work. Usually I go to a person instead of picking up the phone.

At home, my default position is either sitting (when I am on the internet) or lying down (when I am reading or watching a video). The only times I am up and about is when I am doing my chores or I am walking to the grocery store or the carenderia. So during the weekend I live a sedentary lifestyle.

Last night I wanted to do something new. I had lined up Battlefield as the movie of the night, knowing that it is a fluff action movie I did not need my full attention while watching it. So I decided to watch the two-hour movie standing up which made the movie feel longer. I incorporated some exercises and moved around to alleviate the physical boredom.

I would like to do this again when I watch videos but can I sustain this for three days, a week, a month? Who knows? We will see.


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