August 14, 2012

Sucked Into YouTube

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For the past few months I have been visiting makeup and beauty blogs to find locally a good sunblock and lip balm. Somehow through all of it I stumbled into YouTube channels (US ones) devoted to makeup and beauty. I don’t watch all their videos because I don’t wear makeup at all but I noticed two similarities among them not including the massive amounts of makeup. One is their obsession with Lush products from shampoos, conditioners, face masks, bath bombs, butter bars, etc. Some products have short shelf life and need to be refrigerated. I saw Lush in Hong Kong before but I found it expensive and the scent overpowering but I would like to try their A Million Kisses lip tint. I have noticed that these vloggers subscribe to these monthly boxes wherein you get samples of beauty and makeup products. I just learned about this but I see it just as a big advertisement wherein the products may be a hit or miss.

There is one vlogger that I stumbled into via her organization channel. At first I thought she was an organizer but then after seeing a lot of her videos, I realized that she just stays at home, grooms her toy dog, exercises, posts vlogs and shops a lot. I was surprised and exhausted with the amount of makeup, bath products, nail polishes, clothes, bags and jewelry she has. She has tons of makeup palettes which don’t look that have been used that much and in her videos she doesn’t look like she wears a lot of makeup. She takes a bath every day using her Lush bath products but complains how her skin is very dry in winter. She is obsessed with scents and candles, she constantly changes her products to reflect the changing seasons but to change everything every couple of months is exhausting. I think she has more than 300 nail polishes, I didn’t bother to watch that video but she doesn’t do any nail art or anything special. She has lip gloss or lip balms everywhere, it is in her vanity table, bathroom, several makeup bags, several pharmacy bags, kitchen and car. I use my lip balm at least 10 times a day and it has lasted for more than two months, so I don’t know if she ever finished a single tube before throwing it away. She showed off her bag and wallet collection, when I saw her Longchamp bags it makes me think of the numerous fakes that I see around. She recently bought a Louis Vuitton bag that was hideous and when she recently went to Las Vegas she bought a boring Mulberry bag. All that amount of stuff she has is mind boggling, fortunately her husband gives her a really big allowance so she can afford all those things. She has a lot of stuff but I don’t find her stylish or original and obviously doesn’t care about the environment.

I watched her videos about tea, I shouldn’t have been surprised but she has enough tea to last her for at least two years even if she drinks several cups each day. There are only two people in the house and I don’t think her husband is a tea drinker, her tea collection is like a real tea shop and just like with everything else with her life, she changes her tea with the seasons. Looking at her tea drawer is not relaxing!

I am wondering if there are YouTube channels out there devoted to minimalist and frugal living? I have seen several blogs but not that many videos.


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