September 12, 2012

Not Everything New Is Good

Filed under: Web/Tech — rvchua @ 11:25 am

Good news! I finally received a new phone to replace my current one which usually goes low batt every time someone calls. At most the battery lasted only three days.

Having a new phone I should have been happy but before the phone reached my hands there were already bad news. First I had to return my current phone to the company before they would give me the new one. As I mentioned my current unit was already problematic, I don’t know why I had to return it to them. I already knew I was going to get a low end phone but I find the phone frustrating. Right after I opened the box, I noticed that there is no USB cable included. I cannot transfer files from the computer to the phone so my music playlist is non-existent. Also the phone does not have any document viewer, I cannot even open a text file. I tried to install mobireader but it failed, so out goes my ebooks. As for the alarm, I can only set one per day. I need at least 3 alarms in the morning to wake me up! I am in my third day of use and I am already down to one bar of battery. I fiddled with it constantly the past few days but the battery shouldn’t have gone down like that. Lastly no matter how much I turned off the wifi in the settings, I still see the icon so I don’t know if my wifi is really on or not.

But there must be good things, right? I can only think two right out of my head. It is light weight and they have greatly reduced the packaging.

Overall, this is a company phone so I have to accept what is given to me. I am desperately trying not to be tempted to buy an iPad just to have something to use for my ebooks.


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