September 25, 2012


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Whoever said that yoga is relaxing? Before each yoga class, I am tense and feel a myriad of pains in my body. I feel stressed because the bottom line is that I am terrible at yoga. I have almost zero flexibility and I have trouble following instructions. Last night was my third session and it seems that I am not getting better.

Last week, I had a 3-day free trial at Gold’s gym. On Monday, I attended a 55-minute yoga class and had a 45-minute walk on the treadmill. I only went back on Wednesday with the same workout followed by a short stint on the weights and elliptical. I also did some leg raises. I had to skip Tuesday because I was suffering from menstrual cramps but based on the trial I was willing to do it for 1 month.

I would have immediately started on the 1-month promo (P900) but I was waiting for my colleague because the promo was only limited to BPI credit card holders. There is another promo for 6 months (P7K) but I want to take the 1-month first to see if this whole thing is sustainable or not. So far I have always hitched a ride to and from the gym so I have not considered the impact of a regular commute on weekdays, this may tire me out. My overall goal is to do yoga 2-3x a week and treadmill afterwards and on Saturdays and Sundays do weights and have a longer walk on the treadmill. For this week, the goal is to attend all the yoga classes and see which instructor we prefer. I want to maximize my 1-month membership so that the cost per session would become cheaper.

Last night was our third session with yoga (I am still horrible) so we had three instructors already. I liked the first one because he had a soothing voice and there were plenty of relaxing poses in the end. Unfortunately, we are not sure if he is a regular or not. The second instructor introduced us to a lot of challenging poses particularly on the twists but she did not assist newcomers. I also liked last night, she assisted me at least twice, she pushed me so that I could bend more. I gave her extra 5 points for massaging minty oil on my neck, shoulders and arms. She knew how tense I was, after the class she asked me if I was alright.

So far we usually arrive at the gym past 7PM and I arrive home past 10PM. However I cannot go to sleep immediately, I am still up past midnight. So I am considering coming in the office early so that I can be at the gym by 4PM and be there before the majority of people. I want to do weights and treadmill before yoga class so I can leave by 8:30PM and hopefully go to sleep by 11PM.

Before we started our 3-day free trial, I had to buy a pair of running shoes and a pair of yoga/jazz pants. For my tops, I am using three black shirts, two of which are similar. I have promised myself not to buy anything new before the 1-month is over, unless something tears. Afterwards, if I am serious to continue my gym membership, I would like to buy a new top, another pair of yoga pants and a sports bra. For the moment I want to minimize my expenses so last night I had to wash my pants. Unfortunately it is not quick dry so I had to hang it outside the office, near the maintenance area. So I hope that by this afternoon it would be dry and I can go to yoga class.

As I mentioned, yoga is stressful for me. The only way for me to relax is walk on the treadmill which is what I really look forward to when I go to the gym. I hope that I can sustain this to at least the end of the year.


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