March 26, 2013

Black Coffee and Bruised Bananas

Filed under: Food — rvchua @ 11:23 am

For the past few weeks, I have been going to the gym early in the morning. So this means the only breakfast option I have is black coffee and 2-piece pancakes (no butter, no syrup) at Jollibee. I cannot eat a heavier meal otherwise I end up having an upset stomach later on. I love pancakes but having these several times a week has gotten boring. Last Saturday morning, I tried McDonald’s hamdesal with cheese. That was a disgusting disaster, only the coffee saved my breakfast. I was so hungry that I went to Dong Juan for an early lunch (10am) of linguini with tomato sauce and meatballs. I was full after lunch but was again ravishing, I ended up eating a loaf of whole wheat and raisin bread (need to stop buying Gardenia) later that day and nilagang baboy for dinner.

Yesterday, I was resolved to have a better breakfast prior to today’s workout, so I bought bananas (discounted) and low fat milk. Fortunately McDonald’s was open early today (they are never consistent on what time they open) so I had black coffee and two bananas. I was surprised to find the Dole Cavendish bananas at SM Hypermarket to be very cheap, I discovered the reason when I opened the plastic last night. The bananas were already soft and bruised, I still ate them. I have two left which I have put in the canteen refrigerator, I need to eat it for lunch.

So I can survive on black coffee and bananas prior to workout. But the problem is afterwards, I am usually very hungry. I need to eat a decent meal but end up eating something carbo heavy to ease the hunger pangs before lunch. I need to evaluate this again.


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