September 7, 2013

Tree Planting

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I joined our company’s tree planting activity this morning and have most of my strength back after a 2-hour nap. This is the second time I joined this kind of activity, the first one was more than 10 years ago and I was still working with NEC. This time the area is very steep and wet since it rained last night and early in the morning. When I climbed back to the starting point, I swear I was traversing a 45-degree slope. Despite the muddied clothes, slips and a whole lot of bad words, I would like to join again. Here are some tips to remember for the next time:

* Wear comfortable clothes that you can squat in and not worry getting dirty. I wore my workout pants and it allowed me to extend my legs to the maximum.

* Put on sunblock. I just wished I reapplied before we started, I was already sweating not less than minutes right after starting.

* Wear shoes with good grip. I wore my workout shoes but there were still times I was in danger of sliding down. My shoes got really dirty so prepare for major cleanup.

* Gloves are a hindrance, I used my bare hands instead. My only wish is that I had the foresight to trim my nails beforehand.

* Don’t bring too much stuff, you need your hands free as possible. If possible, leave your bag in the car. I was wearing a jacket that made me sweat buckets but it protected my arms from the itchy grass and plants. I wished I left behind my umbrella which kept falling off my jacket pocket.

* You will get thirsty but don’t drink too much unless you plan to pee in the bushes.

* You will also get hungry. We ate a huge lunch and I ate 3 cupcakes! It was also one of the few cases wherein I wanted to drink softdrinks. On my way home I even bought a can of Coke because it was so hot.

* Bring wet tissues for cleanup. I brought with me an old packet of wet tissues only to find out that it has dried up.

I am looking forward to the next tree planting activity.


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