September 17, 2013

Decluttering in Youtube

Filed under: Minimalism / Simplicity — rvchua @ 1:25 am

When I feel bored and I don’t want to read a book or invest 2 hours in a movie, I end up watching decluttering videos in youtube. I have seen a lot, some are inspiring and most are not. Last night, I saw a makeup youtuber attempt to declutter her bathroom and shower, she only got rid of a little stuff even a lot of her things were covered in grime and dust. Another youtuber was able to realize her obsession of buying body wash, using them a little, buy another one and repeat the same process, ending up with a dozen body wash. It was not limited to body wash, in her empties video she finally finished a dozen antibac. I was a bit impressed with her room after several months of getting rid of stuff and using up her toiletries. But there a few things that I still don’t understand after watching all these vlogs from different youtubers.

What is this obsession with scent and candles? Just thinking about the numerous scents of the body wash makes my nose itch and my head ache. The olfactory overload extends to their shampoo, their deodorant, their lotion, their perfume, their creams, etc, where everything is in multiples. Also can they go through all of those toiletries before they expire?

As for candles, they wax about the delicious scents of pumpkin spice, cupcakes, vanilla, etc. I know candles are supposed to make a room smell nice but isn’t that too artificial, I would prefer to open the windows and let the air in especially after a good rain. An hour of smelling cupcakes, don’t you end up wanting to eat a dozen cupcakes? The only time you really need those candles are when it is nighttime and there is no electricity.

Sometimes I wonder how much money has gone into buying all of those stuff. Are they secretly in debt? Are they using several credit cards to fund this endless cycle of consumerism?

Despite these bewildering questions that flit through my mind, sometimes I feel compelled to go through my stuff. I have a bunch of books from my parents to donate to the Cebu City Public Library. I have overgrown and faded clothes that will be donated during the company’s donation drive at the end of the year. I have an old bag that I want to donate but can’t because it has moldy spots, I want to check first if I can still salvage it. I have stuff around my room that have no use yet I don’t know what to do them. My decluttering journey continues.


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