September 24, 2013

Beauty Woes

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After I had my chicken pox in April, I freaked out on the resulting scars specially those on my face. Through the months the ones on my face have faded by only using Contractubex and Nivea Whitening Immediate Protection Face Cream. There is still some discoloration left but I have learned to live with it. As for the ones on my body (tummy, elbows and armpits) I have neglected it so I can still a lot of evidence.

For a few months, some people in the office were raving about GS skin products. I could see that their faces have smoothen after using the kit of soap, toner, cream and sunblock for 30 days. But I don’t like how the skin turns waxy and too bright afterwards. I was offered to use the glutakojic soap (P70) and after several weeks of putting it off I finally took the plunge when I saw how dark my elbows were. After one use, the skin on my elbows peeled off but the skin has remained dark. Also my skin has become dry but I have not seen any whitening. So now I am just using it up so I can move into something moisturizing like Dove or Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath.

I don’t like to use a lot of toiletries, I want to have a simple daily routine that does not need a lot of time and thought.


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