September 26, 2013

It’s Been A Year

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I have now been going to the gym for a year. Per calculation, I have made 182 visits, majority of which I also attended yoga class. Yoga has been the reason why I lasted this long. Its main physical benefit is that it is very good for my back, just being in downward facing dog works wonders for me. I can probably stay there forever especially when I feel the elongation on my back. Also the glow that I get after each class is different from plodding on the treadmill (which I am starting to hate). My skin looks younger and brighter, it must be all that blood going to my face every time I go to a downward facing dog.

A lot of people ask me why I don’t join other group exercises like zumba. Well, I can’t really dance so following dance steps or too many movements frustrate me. Yoga has poses which are held for several breaths, movement is controlled. Also with yoga, I can gauge my progress. Now, I can reach my toes and some poses are even comfortable and relaxing.

After one year, I would like to expand my yoga practice. Just once I would like to try hot yoga even though I don’t like the heat. However I made a promise to attend a class this Sunday to see if I would like really like it or not. Also I would like to seriously try Ashtanga Primary Series, I wonder if I would look pathetic, the main pose to tackle would be the headstand which I have never done before. I need the help of my yoga teachers on this one!


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