September 27, 2013

I Did It!

Filed under: Health — rvchua @ 7:13 am

photo-51-e1351957008776-225x300After a year, I finally did it. On Wednesday after class, Jeanne asked two of us if we wanted to do a handstand but I was feeling shy and somehow the conversation got diverted into hot yoga. So when yesterday Jaya said that we will do headstands and practice on the wall, I immediately pulled my mat to the only wall without glass. I just started into dolphin pose, placed my head on the floor between my interlocking fingers, walked up my feet unto my tiptoes and just went up! It was a miracle! Unfortunately I was too far from the wall so I collapsed back down right after. I moved my mat closer to the floor and I was stumped on how I managed to get up. I tried to kick up but it did not work so I followed my technique of going from plough to shoulder stand by raising one leg up and the other leg bent close to the chest and then raising it up slowly. I went up again but my legs were wide apart so I fell down right after getting up. On my third try, a friend helped me align my legs when I went up so I was able to stay longer in the pose. I was making some gestures to Jaya but he just ignored me. After class he was critiquing my headstand but I replied that this was my first headstand and he did not help me! He said that next time we would work on how to make it stable. I can’t wait for next week’s classes!

P.S. Can I use the same technique for forearm balance and handstand? I think it is very doable for tripod headstand.

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