November 19, 2013

Human Nature Shopping

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I bought several Human Nature products. I just received them tonight so I haven’t tried them all.

1) Balm for All Seasons (P99.75) – I bought this hoping that it would be similar what some yoga teachers apply to our temples and neck during savasana. Since it is made of coconut oil and at room temperature it was no longer a balm, I will try to put it in the refrigerator to firm it up. Also, it was not as potent like what I have tried in yoga class.

2) 100% Natural Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil (P99.75 for 50ml) – I have a citronella room spray but only a quarter of the bottle is left, also I don’t use the spray on my skin. I hope this one from Human Nature is effective.

3) 100% Natural Healthy Lotion Blossom Beauty (P64.75 for 50ml) – I have been looking for a more natural lotion but somehow ended up with Myra Hand and Body Lotion. Although I use oil to moisturize my skin, I find it too cumbersome to apply when out of the house. I bought the smallest size of the Human Nature lotion to try if I will like it.

4) Bayani Brew (P49.75 for 400ml) – I love lemongrass juice so I am excited to try this tomorrow. Need to chill before drinking.

5) Theo & Philo Labuyo Chocolate – No need for explanation! I can’t wait to try it!

6) Sunflower Beauty Oil (P149.75 for 50ml) – I was planning to go back to using virgin coconut oil after using up my Bench Organics Argan Oil. I succumbed to buying this in hopes of lightening my underarms and the circles under my eyes. So far I have applied this on my face. I love the pump since it dispenses only small amounts of sunflower oil, more control than the virgin coconut oil I used before which came in a plastic bottle with a big opening. I need to use this for a month to see if it is better than virgin coconut oil.

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