November 25, 2013

Karma Yoga at Surya Nanda

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Finally I was able to join a karma yoga class at Surya Nanda yesterday. I have known about Surya Nanda for a year now but never have been able to take a class there. It is a few blocks away from Ayala so the commute most of the time would be terrible and exhausting. But on an early Sunday morning there is barely traffic so I arrived at Ayala at 7:15AM and the walk towards Surya Nanda was just around 10 minutes. Initially I was apprehensive that I would arrive late so I only had a super quick breakfast of mango juice and a hotdog at 7-Eleven. In the end I was at Surya Nanda one hour before the class. I thought I would be the first one but there were a couple of people already waiting there. By 8AM, the teacher Gigit Sulit (who is a friend of Jeanne Torrefranca) arrived.

I liked the place because there are trees around and the people were in the same social class, no Lululemon in sight. I would like to go back again preferably in a non-karma yoga class (fewer people) and try the regular teachers there. They have a promo of P130/class until the end of the year. However, I can’t see myself going there in the afternoon or evening, the long commute and traffic will just deplete my energy and I will be smelling of car fumes the rest of the day. The only opportunity would be Sunday mornings, unfortunately they don’t regularly post their karma yoga schedule. I can imagine going all the way there only to find that there is no class.

In the end, I want to take advantage of promos both in Surya Nanda and Yoga Hub (P170/class) and experience more teachers.


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