December 13, 2013

Day One

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– Early morning yoga with Jeanne. Not too many people today, probably they were expecting it to be cancelled along with the other group exercises to make way for the 2-hour Body Combat marathon. I also did some weights, I wish I can hire a personal trainer to show me the ropes for 2 sessions.

– It took me forever to ride a jeepney from J Centre Mall to Ayala, this is the third time that has happened, all during Fridays.

– After workout snack of Anlene Hi-Calcium Low Fat Chocolate milk and baked peanuts.

– I tried the Suisse Cottage chocolate cronut (P35) to see what the fuss was all about. Was it a real cronut? I don’t know, this was my first one. I found it dense and not too sweet, overall not memorable. However, I was annoyed that they jammed the whole thing into a styrofoam clamshell, a waste of unncessary and disposable packaging. I did not realize what happened until I was paying for it.

– I went around the new wing at Ayala, not too many open stores as of the moment. Soon to open include Gap, Zara and a bigger Mango. Only Muji caught my interest.

– I almost shelled out a lot of money for Victoria ballerina sneaker. They only had it in size UK 39, I needed a 40 because there wasn’t too much wiggle room for my toes. Otherwise I would have said goodbye to almost P2K.

– I checked out the Yosi Samra store because I have read about it for several months in some blogs. I turned down the SA’s offer to try the shoes because there is no way I can justify these flats for my lifestyle.

– I went inside Daiso and managed not to buy anything.

– I have been disappointed with how my F&H shirts turned out after several months use. Is it the quality of the shirts? Or is it my laundromat (probably)? Anyway, I am going back to Jockey rich cotton tshirts in black. I paid two of it using my P500 Metro gift cheques! Also, I am now a size M!

– After seeing the photo taken for my 5-year service award, I was determined not to wait anymore until after vacation to get a haircut. In the picture, I looked old and dark and my hair was atrocious. Though I prefer the SM branch of Bench Fix, I was already in Ayala so I had no choice. As usual they only had one stylist, one person who washes your hair, etc. It annoyed me a bit especially when the stylist took a few minutes to take a snack, obviously he did not eat anything before coming in and it was still 11AM. I have noticed that a certain length my hair just curls to the opposite side of my head eventhough my hair has just been blow dried, I told the stylist to cut it shorter than he intended. Now, I just need a clip to move my bangs out of the way during workout.

– A late lunch of beef genji noodles at Ersao. No milk tea this time. I just had cold tap water that you can pour from a pitcher to an Ersao mug. You save calories and plastic cups!

– Pan de Manila wheat pan de sal for dinner and breakfast. I just need to remind myself not to finish it all of it today!


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