January 6, 2014

Yoga Now Center

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In my bid to attend as many yoga classes, I planned to attend the karma yoga at Surya Nanda yesterday although I got intimidated when I read in the Facebook comments that hard core yogis will be attending. In the end I did not wake up early as I planned despite having already put out my workout clothes. Also my left hip was still hurting. I noticed the pain after my workout last Saturday. Walking became difficult, I was leaning heavily on my left side. I don’t know the cause but it feels like I fell down heavily on my left side.

In the end (I made the decision at 8AM), I took a risk and decided to take a 10:30am Vinyasa class at Yoga Now Center. I asked if the class will push through and I was told that it will be Ashtanga for Beginners. Because of my injured state, a beginner class would be fine.

Yoga Now Center opened in the fourth quarter last year and I have never been there. There aren’t a lot of classes, mostly beginner and Vinyasa. Drop in rate is P150 and it is located in Insular Square (two jeepney rides away). Since I was unfamiliar with the Mandaue and Consolacion routes, I wasted time by taking a really long route. Still I arrived early because there was no traffic. Now I know the best way to get there. One thing I like about the location is because of the open plan, you can feel a breeze going through the entire Insular Square.

Though I arrived almost 10AM, the karma yoga was still not finished. I think there were only 5-6 people who attended the class. This can be an option for future Sundays since Yoga Hub & Surya Nanda are usually full during karna yoga. Or is it because people are still in vacation mode?

It seems that people are in vacation mode because I was the only student. I had a one on one session with Glena who took into consideration my problem by doing somatic yoga. There were no strenous poses though there was some core work. Just 5 minutes into the class and my back was already happy! I can’t wait to go back but Glena was only a substitute teacher. Once in a while I would like to have some private instruction so that the teacher can make the necessary adjustments while taking into consideration my wobbly knees.


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