January 9, 2014

My First Ashtanga Class

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When I saw the new schedule for Surya Nanda, I was excited to see Ashtanga for Beginners. On impulse I decided to join yesterday’s 5:15PM class with Arlien. In order to be there on time, I came at the office at 5:20AM so I was able to leave a few minutes before 3PM. The commute from the office to Ayala was more than an hour. I had time to take a leak at Ayala and buy Anlene Choco Milk as my pre-workout nourishment.

Even though it is a beginner class, I was still apprehensive considering I have never really done Ashtanga and there would be a new teacher. So I tried to assess the skill levels of the students while waiting for the class to start. It looked that I would not humiliate myself so I was able to have a little confidence.

The class took 1.5hrs and was fast paced. Just a few minutes in and I was already loving it even though I was struggling with some standing poses. I was sweating a lot! I only managed to do 2 wheel poses because my feet were slipping on the mat. Same thing when I was trying to get into a headstand, I had a hard time getting traction on the mat to push my feet up. I also learned not to be lazy with my poses which I have a tendency to do when I am tired.

Now I can’t wait to join another Ashtanga. This will entail intensive juggling of my schedule. I would also like to join Shivani’s class but it is on a Friday and I always have a conference call at 4PM. There is also a 10AM beginners class on Saturday but it says level 2-3. What does that mean? Will it be harder? I plan to take beginners class for a few months before I join a regular one because I have nightmares of falling flat on my face!

The best part of the day was my après-yoga dinner of green smoothie at Mooshi Green Bar at Ayala. Looking forward to more yoga!


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