January 16, 2014

Back-to-Back Yoga Classes

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Yesterday, the plan was to attend Ashtanga for Beginners at YogaHub at 5:30PM. To do this with time to spare, I came in the office at 6AM so that I could leave by 3:36PM. Around 3PM it started to rain and then it got heavy. By 3:30PM, I was ready to scrap my plans but the rain stopped 10 minutes later so I dropped out of the conference call and headed out. The commute took longer than I expected and I had to stop by J Centre Mall to change into my workout clothes. I arrived at YogaHub with the 4:15PM class still not over.

There were more than 10 people in the class with different levels of experiences, 2-3 of which were clearly advanced students. Kim’s beginners class is very different from Arlien’s beginner class. This one was not very intense though I was sweating hard, it must be all that breathing I did. We used blocks for jump back and jump through. The jump back was a bit difficult since you have to lift your body first before doing it. But for the jump through, with the added height I could push out my legs successfully. In the closing poses, I could only do half-lotus, I don’t think my hips were open enough and I could only do the Utplutih for a second.

After the class, I thought I would have no more energy but I felt great and I still had ample of time so I headed to Jeanne’s class at Gold’s gym. I only had an hour ‘rest’ period between classes but I even managed to stay in crow and headstand (unassisted) for several long breaths.

Now I am considering my next plans. I will try Kim’s Ashtanga non-beginners class maybe on Sunday, I would also like to go back to Arlien’s class but that would require juggling my work schedule since she doesn’t have weekend classes. Jeanne has invited me to her Saturday class, I will join that if I don’t have my period by then. Jeanne told me I should try Pascale’s intermediate class and Kim’s Friday night Ashtanga class. I don’t think I am ready yet for an advanced class, I need to build more strength and more confidence, to feel more at ease with a new set of people.


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