January 20, 2014

No Yoga Days

Filed under: Yoga — rvchua @ 2:38 am

Much as I want to do yoga every day, there are times I have to skip class because of illness, heavy periods, calamities and holidays. So during days when I don’t have yoga, I try to enjoy what it offers:

– No getting up early. During weekdays, I wake up early so I can leave the office early to go the gym or yoga studio. During weekends, I prefer taking an early morning class.

– No unncessary commute. The gym or yoga studio is out of my way, I need to take 1-2 rides just to get there. There are times when traffic can be a bitch.

– No additional laundry. I always hand wash my sweat soaked clothes (bra, shirt, pants, towel) when I get home.

– No overthinking about what I will eat 1-2 hours before a class. I can’t eat a heavy meal before class. Nor can I not eat anything otherise I won’t have energy to survive an intense class.

– No extra showers. During weekends, I take a shower before leaving the house and another shower when I get back. I also take a third shower in the evening otherwise I won’t be able to sleep.

Yesterday was Sinulog so most yoga studios were closed. It was the right opportunity to take a rest and enjoy the things that I did not have to do.


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