January 23, 2014

25 Classes at YogaHub

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I just signed up for 25 classes at YogaHub (P4K, valid for 5 months). This will mean a longer commute (additional P16), new teachers (which new teachers should I try?), new people (I am in the middle of the pack again, not a newbie nor an expert), new environment (rich people galore). I am still trying to figure out what classes to take but I definitely will try to do 2-3 Ashtanga classes per week. During weekdays it would be impossible to attend any early morning class unless I change to a later work shift and storing sweat soaked clothes inside my drawer the whole day is not appealing. I am still trying to figure out what is doable. I am hoping that I don’t get intimidated by the advanced students and maybe with this level up I will be able to improve my asana practice.

I only have 9 visits left at Gold’s Gym and I am looking for a promo for 72 visits so I can have a fall back plan. There are just days wherein I don’t want to rush all the way to BTC to catch a particular class, worry if I am wearing a ratty old shirt or doubt my capabilities. And afterwards I can just buy a couple of hot pan de sal and close my eyes on the multicab ride home.

I have heard that there are plans to open a yoga studio (maybe 2) in Lapu Lapu. When? I don’t know. Maybe after the current teacher training is finished in April. This will be really good news provided that the new studio will be accessible, the schedule matches mine and importantly the rates would not be too expensive. Frankly, YogaHub is too expensive for me in terms of time and money.

Since hanging out with Gigit and hearing him talk about the other limbs of yoga, I have been slowly getting interested in reading yoga philosophy in I sometimes read some articles during lull moments at work and try to absorb the thought but then 5 minutes later some work ‘crisis’ pops up and I turn back to a raging bitch! Sometimes I do wonder what yoga has done for my emotional state. There are times I feel happy (usually after a class), there are times I feel an overwhelming waterfall of anger at something, someone or myself. This morning, I just wanted to cry and vent but stopped because I was at work. Most of the time I know what has caused my turmoil but there are times when I don’t understand myself. I hope someone can explain this to me.


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