January 26, 2014

Yoga at JAM Fitness Gym

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Jo, a yoga buddy from Gold’s Gym, has invited me several times to join a 6:30pm Friday yoga class at JAM Fitness Gym. Somehow she has managed to get Jaya Indra to teach there two times a week. With this month’s objective to expand my yoga horizon, I finally said yes last Friday.

I have never been to JAM but I have heard from work colleagues and seen pictures in Facebook. So I went there with an open mind. JAM is an open air gym with a small area that is specially cordoned off with partitions and curtains when there is a yoga class. This means I can hear everything including people doing boxing punches. The yoga area has uneven industrial matting which made some poses tricky. I had thoroughly enjoyed Jaya’s Thursday class so I could not understand why I was having a problem with some of the asanas last Friday. Was it the loud noises or the weird flooring? I don’t know. The environment wasn’t ideal but then you are supposed to do yoga anywhere, right? I remember seeing a picture of a woman in Africa doing a wheel pose right beside a garbage pile. Also, one of the limbs of yoga is about being able to distance yourself from everything around you. I am a million miles from that but I hope in the future I could do yoga right in the middle of chaos.

Despite my personal difficulties, it was nice to see more people who are interested in yoga. I hope that soon a studio would open that is less than 15 minutes away from home. It would be nice not to rush or battle traffic just to do yoga. Or maybe it is time to do a home practice?


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