February 4, 2014

January Expenses Analysis

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For the past 10 years, I have diligently written down each centavo that I spent. I don’t have a budget but every month I spend a certain average amount. This January, I did not just went over but spent twice than normal. Fortunately my tracking is very detailed that I have a good idea where all my money went. The following are the top contributors which does not include normal expenses like rent:

1) Yoga – I plunked P4K for 25 classes at YogaHub and before that I paid for drop in at YogaHub, Surya Nanda, Yoga Now and JAM Fitness.

2) Cellfone – I had to hand in my work phone and get my own. I was hoping to survive with no phone until February but I could not get my vacation leave approved if I did not have a contact number.

3) Yoga paraphernalia – Ever since I started Ashtanga, I have been sweating more and been slipping dangerously on my mat. So I bought an Aquazorb yoga mat towel which has tremendously helped. I bought another one last Saturday but that will go in my February tracking. I also bought an Adidas ClimaCool shirt yet I still need another top.

4) Gifts – I bought gifts for my mom, Chida-san and Pablo.

5) Others – This included coffee, taxi and etc. I don’t expect this happening anymore in February.

I am expecting more expenses this February. I need to buy shoes (desperately), workout top, etc. I need to pay for more yoga classes also.


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