February 10, 2014

Yoga Is Not Minimalist

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More than a year ago when I was starting yoga, all I needed was workout pants. Then I needed a sports bra for better support. Then I wanted pants that just hit my knees because the longer ones were too hot. Then I bought Bench face towels because the ones I had were too grubby. Then I needed a moisture-wicking top because I was drowning in sweat with my cotton shirts which were also too big for me. Then I needed extra pants, shirt and bra because my current ones were still wet from washing the night before. Then I bought a mat because I wanted to join karma yoga in YogaHub. Then I upgraded to a new mat which comes with its own bag. Then I started Ashtanga and was dripping more and more sweat over my new mat so I bought an Aquazorb yoga mat towel. Then I bought another because the mat towel took time to dry.

So now I have a bunch of stuff that I need for my yoga practice and can no longer fit in tiny, tiny closet. My inventory:

– 2 long workout pants, one of which I no longer use for yoga

– 2 short workout pants

– 2 moisture-wicking shirts, I need 1-2 more and it needs to be not in blue

– 2 cotton shirts, I cannot use these shirts anymore because I end up swimming in sweat

– 3 sports bra, one of which I hardly use because although it is thick it makes suspicious bumps on my chest; I really need another good sports bra

– 2 Bench face towels, I need another one

– Yoga mat with yoga bag, I want another bag because I haven’t laundered this one since I got it!

– 2 yoga mat towel

I need a separate plastic container to put most of these things in.

Every day I carry a top, pants, bra, face towel, yoga mat and yoga towel. Because I now go to YogaHub and the toilet facilities are not that good so that means I have to bring tissues and rubbing alcohol. I also need to bring my own water.

So whoever said that all you need is a mat to practice yoga does not have my predicament. Maybe if I practiced at home I won’t need all of these stuff. I can do all of it in my underwear right?



  1. Ahahaha! Yeah! I agree.
    Plus I practice dinghy sailing, which multiplies the list by three!

    Comment by sunbystar — October 20, 2014 @ 12:57 pm

    • It is a fine balance and there are times I just wish I had more yoga clothes so I don’t have to hand wash them everyday!

      Comment by rvchua — October 20, 2014 @ 1:28 pm

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