February 16, 2014

Yoga On My Mind

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At Gold’s Gym, not a lot of guys join yoga class. Most of them are cajoled by their friends or significant others. Last Friday, I was surprised to find two of the male fitness instructors have joined Jaya’s class. I try not to observe too much the other people in class but I was discreetly looking at these two guys because they are the ones with the muscles and abs. As expected they were struggling but I was baffled by one who could not go into wheel pose even if he was being assisted. Part of going up into wheel is arm strength and that guy had bulging arms. As for the one with the abs, he did not push his hips high during side plank. I am more impressed with the men who are in YogaHub. One is a 6-foot large guy who doesn’t look muscled and even looks flabby but he can go into a headstand for a very long time! Real men do yoga!

Today, after a very long time, I joined karma yoga at YogaHub. I usually avoid joining karma yoga because there was a time when a class was so packed that there was barely space between mats. I sweat a lot and I don’t want it contaminating the unfortunate person beside me. But today I was an hour early and was the first one there. I should add this to my schedule since the other yoga Sunday classes don’t appeal to me (hot yoga and 2pm power yoga, I am too busy catching up with my sleep). There is a 4pm Ashtanga Primary Series but I am told the participants are hardcore and I am afraid I would end up too exhausted that I would have to skip work the next day. I would like to try though one of these days when I have developed more strength.

Now that I have more or less memorized the opening Ashtanga mantra. I am ready to move on to the closing mantra. Hopefully there will be another lull moment with nothing (a couple of hours) to do but memorize the mantra.


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