February 18, 2014

Gayatri Mantra (BSG Version)

Filed under: Television, Yoga — rvchua @ 1:43 am

I was still angry (physically and emotionally) this morning and in order to do some work I listened to Tina Malia’s Gayatri Mantra. I have listened to this a couple of times before but never really connected to it. However today after listening several times, I was interested to learn the words and visited Wikipedia. I printed out the words to memorize and when I came to the end of the article I read that this is the mantra used in the opening theme of Battlestar Galactica! Somehow this changes everything! When I was obsessed with BSG six years ago, I looked up the opening theme but I could not grasp the words. And all these time I have never connected.

Now several questions come into my mind. Is there a particular interpretation to adapt for BSG? Whose mantra is it? The humans or the Cylons? Should I watch BSG again with a new perspective? I never saw the fourth season so I don’t know a lot of things about BSG. Will it be sacrilege to listen to only the BSG version? Yoga and BSG, my world just shifted.


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