February 26, 2014

Knocked Down

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I got knocked down last Saturday. I was attending Ashtanga All Levels at YogaHub and was finished with Surya Namakar A & B when I started to have problems. By the time I reached Janu Sirsana, I could no longer do any bends. My back was stiff! The rest of the class I ended up doing nothing. I could not even do my favorite shoulder stand! I was worried and immediately had a 1-hour shiatsu massage at Thai Boran. When I arrived home, I took a mild pain killer and applied Omega on my back. I was hoping that the next day I would be better but when I rolled out of bed it became pretty obvious. I had to decline Jeanne’s invitation to Dragonfly that Sunday afternoon.

Last Monday, I visited the company doctor and she prescribed me muscle relaxant and pain killers (if needed) for 5 days with the advise not to do any yoga. It took me a whole day to come in terms that there would be no yoga for the rest of the week. Fortunately there was something that distracted my mind. The first morning after drinking my medicine, I felt great. There was no stiffness but then as the day progressed I felt some twitches which are not exactly painful but something that I have never felt before. Then I did something last night that wasn’t good for my back so I finally took my first prescribed pain killer.

I am seriously worried. What will I feel by Friday? The doctor said if I don’t feel better, I may have to take an x-ray. What will happen to my yoga practice? Maybe I can extend another week of rest but what if I have seriously injured myself? I just plunked a huge amount of money to renew my membership at Gold’s Gym! For now, I am trying not to do any sudden movements and sleep early which I am horrible at. Again I am worried or maybe I am just getting old?


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