March 3, 2014

Back Pain

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As I have mentioned in a previous entry, I somehow hurt my back more than a week ago. I began taking muscle relaxant and pain killers as per the company doctor’s recommendation. By Thursday last week, the pain became unbearable. The work day hardly began and I was near tears. I went home around noon and found some relief lying down. But the next day, the situation did not improve and I berated myself for not going directly to the chiropractor. After lunch, I went to the chiropractor I visited more than 15 years ago. The entire session lasted less than 5 minutes and immediately felt some relief. He said that one of my legs was 1 inch shorter than the other one. He said not to apply heat into the area which was completely different from what the company doctor recommended! I don’t remember how much I paid 15 years ago but I remember it wasn’t cheap, this time around it cost P1,500 per session.

After Friday’s session, I noticed I wasn’t completely cured. I still felt some pain in certain movements, getting out of bed was a problem. I went back on Saturday as per the chiropractor’s recommendation, he adjusted again when he saw that one of my legs was still shorter than the other. Now that he has addressed the pain, he wanted to go into deeper why I was having back problems. He wanted me to come back on Monday and no yoga except meditation for the moment.

The rest of the weekend was bad. I saw some improvement but getting out of bed was still a problem. Staying in one position for an extended period made me stiff. I was depressed. I felt I had to quit yoga when I just plunked a large amount of money for YogaHub and Gold’s Gym. The chiropractor fee per session also makes me want to weep! I felt I was getting fat without the exercise for the past week. I needed someone to hold my hand and say everything will be alright. I wanted to cry but tears would not fall. I wanted to quit my work and go back to Iligan! Yes, I was paranoid, I was angry with myself and a whole slew of negative emotions. A good breakfast yesterday and talking to M via Skype made me a bit better, just a bit.

Now, here I am in the office. I still feel some twitches in my back. I don’t like sitting too long. I am a long way from what I felt a couple of weeks ago. I just want to leave the office and go back to the chiropractor. Yes, I still feel miserable.


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