March 10, 2014

Sherlock Season 3

Filed under: Television — rvchua @ 7:21 am

sherlock-season-31) I can never see an entire episode in one sitting, I always fall asleep somewhere in the end.

2) The first episode pays homage to fan fiction.

3) Sherlock and Mycroft’s parents are surprisingly ordinary. I thought they would be posh.

4) Sherlock and Watson do the pub crawl and end up in jail.

5) Where is Watson’s sister? Did she attend the wedding?

6) In The Last Vow, when Magnussen ‘scanned’ Watson & Sherlock, it showed their porn levels (Normal).

7) Sherlock is not celibate.

8) Mary Watson! Mary Watson! Skip code anyone?

9) Annoying Moriarty is back.


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