March 17, 2014

The First Step

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Last week I was feeling miserable (feeling flabby) not being able to do any yoga so I planned to go to the gym for brisk walking on the treadmill and some weights. When I was doing all of that, I was constantly monitoring for any pain. I was careful with my movements though, the treadmill was set to a low incline and slow speed. I only did weights where my back had support. Actually I already felt good in the first 5 minutes in the treadmill, it was wonderful to move my body and sweat. After I did everything on my list, I waited for Jaya so that I could discuss with him my back problems. While I was walking in the lobby, I noticed that I still did not feel any pain so I impulsively decided to join the class and see what I can do. Unfortunately Jaya was not around and someone subbed for him who taught Ashtanga. Miraculously I was able to finish the class but I had to do the modifications as Jeanne instructed me and I skipped all bends. I also need to work on my strength which has become pitiful.

On my way home, I was so worried that every bump on the road would bring pain. The bags I was carrying felt heavy with every step I took. However the next day, I felt fine, no stiffness! I hope it is not a fluke! So this week I am going back to my regular schedule albeit I will be taking the more gentle classes. So this means no Ashtanga for 1-2 months and taking one day at a time.


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