March 17, 2014

Yoga, Food and Good Company

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Yesterday, I had another restorative yoga session with Jeanne at Dragonfly Studio. This time we tried Sivananda Yoga which has 12 Sun Salutations as warm up but with slower pacing. I also did shoulder stand which was a bit difficult to get into. As for plow, I could only touch my toes on a chair instead of the floor. After finishing the poses, Jeanne suddenly announced that we do teacher training which started with instructing her on what to do. My mind went blank, I couldn’t remember simple words. How to describe the breath? I even forgot the word ‘deeply’. It was nerve wracking. When Gigit suddenly popped up, we had to turn him away because another person made me more nervous. My voice got smaller when I concentrated more on what to say so I had to go back towards the room to instruct, imagining there are 10 students. Now I need to prepare a script for a 1-hour class. Hopefully by having a chance to write it down, I won’t feel flustered anymore. There is a plan to have another training next Sunday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

After class, we (together with Gigit) had puto maya and mangoes (which I bought but was still sour). Then we went to Firozian for lunch. Jeanne did the ordering since she was more familiar with Indian food. I liked the bean curry but they said the last time they ordered was much better. The owner Firoze stopped by to talk about his business woes.

Nothing beats yoga, food and good company on a Sunday.

Dragonfly Yoga Studio:

Firozian Indian Tea House:


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