April 7, 2014

Debit Card Burn

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I have mentioned several times how much I hate shopping but last Saturday I had to force myself to do it and went to Ayala. First thing on the list was a business jacket for a possible overseas trip this month. I found a good jacket at Zara (I wasn’t impressed by the store) but it was too expensive for me. The trip may not happen and I would end up with a jacket that I may only use a handful of times over several years. I did end up buying a cheaper jacket at F&F, I would have liked the length to be longer but I can still pull it off. 

Next item on the agenda was a couple of tshirts. Originally I was planning to buy a couple of Bench undershirts to use during yoga or workouts but last week when I was fitting them at J Centre Mall I wasn’t wearing my sports bra so I could not decide then. So that Saturday I brought with me my sports bra but then I saw that Basic House was having a 30% sale on some items. I tried a couple of tshirts under my new jacket and it looked good (and hopefully professional) enough so I bought them. 

Last Friday, my Fibrella umbrella froze on me. It would no longer extend properly, the main shaft was stuck. I tried putting oil on it but still would not budge. I cannot live without an umbrella, I carry one everywhere I go out of the house. So I bought a new one, another brand. My Fibrella only survived for 16 months, I am not sure how long this new one will last.

When I stepped inside Ayala, the first thing that greeted me was the newly renovated Nike store. They had new styles of sports bra that looked cute, the cheapest ones were around P1.5K. I was sorely tempted but I had other priorities that day. So when I was paying for my umbrella at Metro Ayala Department Store, I passed by Jockey. I saw that they finally had the size of a particular sports bra that I was looking for and this was at least P600 cheaper than the Nike one. So I got that one.

Those were my major purchases of the day. I had to limit myself though I was tempted by a dress at Muji and silver ballerina flats at Payless. I have noticed that there are days I find a lot of nice things but then there are days that I don’t like anything I see. Usually the latter happens when I desperately need to buy something and I am not just looking around. Also I stuffed all my purchases into a durable plastic bag that I always carry around. I don’t want to brag that I have gone out shopping like other people who carry those large paper bags like it is a statement. Aren’t people environmentally conscious and just stick to one paper bag? Or better yet bring their own recyclable bag and use it that way it should be?


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