April 10, 2014

Yoga Wipeout

Filed under: Health, Yoga — rvchua @ 1:48 am

In yoga, I have good days and bad days. Yesterday was a really bad day. Since I needed to have a pap smear yesterday, I decided to take a 7AM Vinyasa class at YogaHub. It was a wrong decision. I woke up a bit tired from the previous night’s yoga. I had 7-Eleven brewed coffee and 1.5 Pan de Manila pandesal less than a hour before the class. While waiting for the studio to open, I suddenly felt dizzy. Yet I went ahead with the class. I immediately noticed that my strength was barely there and I was feeling nauseous most of the time. There were several times I had to get out of the pose, doing the downward facing dog was uncomfortable. During the entire time I was sweating buckets, I should have brought with me my yoga towel. Also my right knee was acting up, I ended up limping out of the studio. 

Yesterday was a total wipeout. I have realized that I need to take it more slowly. Gone are the days wherein I can take an evening class and a morning class the next day. I need at least 20 hours rest before the next yoga class. I need to listen to my body, just a small dip in energy has a big impact. It could easily mean hating myself. I want to take more restorative and yin yoga but I don’t know if other studios are offering these. I need to stick to less strenuous yoga so I am distancing myself from Ashtanga for another 2 months.

My road to recovery continues.


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