April 17, 2014

Japan Day#3

Filed under: Food, Travel — rvchua @ 11:36 pm

– It is my birthday and its the first day of my period. I brought with me 3 packs of Whisper that should be more than enough.
– At this rate, I may be using up all my sunflower oil. I apply it liberally on my face and body morning and night.
– Loaded up on veggies, small croissants and siomai for breakfast.
– Paid the rest of my accommodation using the adjustment machine. No need for the front desk.
– First one in the office. Cannot get inside! I think I walked faster today than last night.
– I saw Toyota, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu, etc on the road. No Mitsubishi.
– Had burger steak with ebi fry, another heavy lunch.
– People back home are on holidays, very envious of them. Fortunately that means minimal work for me also.
– Farewell party for Chida-san at yakiniku place. Enjoyed the yakitori, yakibuta and yakigyunyu but I would have been more than content with just the salad and the edamame! Had mango juice (made of puree) and tomato juice as drinks.


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