April 20, 2014

Japan Day#6

Filed under: Food, Shopping, Travel — rvchua @ 11:45 pm

– Had a really big breakfast and off to Nagoya. I hope I don’t get lost in the trains.
– Reusing a shirt (unwashed) I used last Friday since the shirt I was planning to wear today was too thin for the weather.
– Long stop at Kariya station. Need to consider that when going to the airport this Friday.
– Arrived at Nagashima to find the temperature is 12 degrees and I am only wearing a sweater.
– I rode the White Cyclone with Gail and Chida-san and the Space Shot by myself. My spirit separated from my body for a couple of seconds. But I want to do it again. Do I have the guts to try the Steel Dragon next time?
– Went around a lot of shops and I ended up with an Under Armour gym bag and a Nike backpack in preparation for my next trip back. My new BDO credit card works! I only received it the other week and had no chance to use it before.
– Mint choco brownie ice cream at Stone Cold Creamery! The best ice cream in a long time.
– Beer and fries while waiting for the bus back to Kuwana station. We waited for 1 hour to save 40 yen in transpo going home, hahaha!
– I can’t understand why I am tired when all we did was shop, eat and went on rides.



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