May 2, 2014

Long Weekend Day#1 and Day#2

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I took advantage of Thursday being a holiday (Labor Day) and took a vacation leave for Friday. This is to compensate for not being able to take advantage of Holy Week and enjoy my birthday.

– Went to SM for pap smear but was super annoyed to find that the doctor wasn’t in although I called the clinic the day before.
– Bought a deep maroon trolley bag. It is cheap and I hope it won’t disintegrate in the upcoming trip. My current one is still serviecable although it is dusty and weighs a ton. I am giving it away to my brother.
– Also bought a pair of black slacks that should only be used when I don’t have plans to eat a heavy meal. I wished I checked out Memo first before heading to SM department store.
– Bought a plastic water bottle for only P100!
– After arriving home, I dashed off to YogaHub for a Gentle Flow class that was a bit challenging.
– Had wonton noodle soup at Dimsum House, it was not worth the P65 cost though.
– Came home tired from the heat, dust and traffic.

– Went back again to SM for pap smear. Fortunately this time the doctor was in although there was a note that she won’t be in. I had to skip the early morning yoga class at Gold’s since I didn’t want to be running from the gym to the SM and have a shower in between.
– After a short noon nap, I went to J Centre early and had a Cobb royal milk tea. Badly needed it because of the heat.
– Had double yoga classes at YogaHub, Vinyasa then Deep Stretch. Sweating a storm especially during Vinyasa. The cold lemonsito juice between classes rejuvenated me.
– 7-Eleven siopao bola-bola for dinner!
– Had a quick and cheap haircut at Juvel salon. I just told the stylist to cut off the flyaway hair. Now I feel a bit cooler and less irritated with unmanageable and falling hair.
– Mangoes and chocolates for tomorrow’s Saturday routine.


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