May 11, 2014

Last Classes at YogaHub

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I had my last YogaHub class last Monday. In January, I thought I was going to consume the 25 classes quickly since at that time I was joining 2-3 Ashtanga classes a week. Then I hurt my back so no more Ashtanga and I only could do Deep Stretch which was only once a week. With the news that I may have to move to Japan long term, I was determined to use up all my YogaHub classes. I even did back-to-back Deep Stretch and Vinyasa on a couple of days. Now that I am finished at YogaHub, I can breathe easier. No more rushing from Lapu Lapu to Banilad lugging my yoga mat, yoga towel, change of clothes, water, etc. As much as I enjoyed the varied teachers and classes, the long commute and the heavy stuff I was lugging was too draining. If I only attended weekend classes it would have been manageable but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Deep Stretch which was only offered twice during weekdays.

Now I am back to my Gold’s Gym yoga class. I have more than 120 visits there so I don’t see a rush to use it all up before I leave. I can transfer the visits to someone else but then I have to pay P5K. Or I can put my visits on hold but I will have to pay P500/month and I need to start using it before my membership expires by Feb 2015. Whatever happens I will consider my gym membership as a sunk cost already. I don’t want to think too much about the lost money, I will just roll with whatever happens. I may not even have to leave Cebu at all!


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