May 12, 2014

Yoga Dance at Dragonfly Yoga Studio

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Last week Jeanne invited me via text to join Yoga Dance at Dragonfly Studio on Friday evening. I have no idea what Yoga Dance is about but if it is Jeanne inviting me and there is no conflict with work then I am all for it. Since Jaya was going to be the teacher, I asked him to describe it but he was evasive. Despite that I was still in.

I arrived at Dragonfly quite early because the taxi lines were long and I wanted to avoid the traffic. Noricel and Melannie were busy preparing food for the event and the studio was lit up with candles and mood lights. There was a wait before we started since some participants were caught in traffic. It was already 8:30PM before we finally started. As expected Yoga Dance was a combination of both disciplines. I am not graceful and can barely get by with my two left feet but it was fun and sweat drenching.

Afterwards we had food, mostly were vegetarian fare which I really loved. I think the best part of the ‘party’ was hanging out with like minded people who talk about yoga (obviously), healthy living and the environment. I even tried out AcroYoga with Reds who lifted me up. I declined though with the backbends though everyone said it was wonderful and relaxing. A handful of people stayed overnight, we probably fell asleep when it was almost three in the morning and woke up when it was almost 5PM. It is interesting to watch yogis waking up, they meditate and do yoga first thing in the morning! I am not there yet, all I could think was a shower, brush my teeth and breakfast.

There is something about a sleepover, it creates a bond among people. You learn a little bit more about them. If I did not feel funky (I needed a change of clothes), I would have stayed longer since the conversation during breakfast was so interesting (muscle heads, growing up, vegemite, meditation, etc). I am looking forward to more yoga activities in the future while I am still in Cebu.

P.S. I did not take any single picture during the event because I have a crappy phone. So here you can see some of what happened: . Yes, you can hardly see me, I am just in the background.


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