May 16, 2014

Going Organic/Natural With Toiletries

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facialspf30-web_1I am now slowly using organic or natural products in my hygiene routine. For almost a year I have been using Nature’s Gate Biotin Shampoo which is sulfate free in the hopes of lessening my falling hair. Up to now I still have the problem but not as worse as before. I plan to buy next Palmer’s Olive Oil Shampoo which has no parabens and no sulfates as soon as I use up the biotin shampoo which still has a lot left. I don’t use conditioner instead I massage coconut oil to my hair before I shampoo. I should do this frequently to keep dandruff away but most of the time I am just too lazy.

As facial moisturizer, I use sunflower oil but only when the weather is not too hot and sticky. I also apply coconut oil on rough patches on my body. I bought Nivea Intense Moisture Lotion last week because it was 50% off. I was planning to use it as my hand lotion in the office but I am experimenting if I can avoid using lotion. I think I use more lotion if it is right in front of me, more of a habit than a need. Next time I will go back to Human Nature Baby Lotion which is not very moisturizing but does not have sulfates.

As sunscreen I have been using Belo Sun Expert Face for a year. I can hardly read the ingredient list but I think the chemicals would be scary. So now I am transitioning to Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen Facial. I have been using it for several days, it is not sticky but my face sweats because of the hot weather. I still have to use up the Belo sunscreen though.

For body wash, I am using Johnson’s Baby Bath Peach and despite intended for babies it does have sulfates. In the future I will move to Human Nature Baby Wash but if I am moving to Japan I will be bringing Johnson’s Baby Wash Rice+Milk in sachet packs because it will be easier to carry.

For a while I have been using Dove Pure Deodorant which has no parabens. I am very satisfied with this but I would like to try other natural deodorants from Alba Botanica or Tom’s. A few years ago, I tried the crystal deodorant which just came out but it irritated my underarms and took months before it went back to normal.

There are some who argue that these organic products are expensive than what can be found in the grocery or Watson’s, I don’t think that is true. The biotin shampoo I bought in June 2013 and cost P239, this is now P100 more expensive, but at the rate I am using this comes very cheap. Also the Alba Botanica sunscreen costs P375 but this is huge and will probably last me two years.

I am not planning to go organic/natural the whole way because sometimes it won’t be cost effective like toothpaste. Human nature has lipbalms but it does not have sunscreens.


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