June 4, 2014

Lugaw and Brownies After Chiro

Filed under: Food, Health — rvchua @ 3:31 am

I went back to the chiropractor yesterday since my left hip was more painful and I had headaches and radiating pain on my left side. Even my left eye felt weird. The doctor immediately found that my left hip and neck were inflamed and set it right. He asked me if something happened since last Monday’s visit but there was nothing significant. It must have been during my sleep because I was fidgeting like crazy early Tuesday morning trying to find a comfortable position amidst the overwhelming heat. I also have a tendency to slump like a frog on my belly and this probably put additional pressure on my left hip. I really don’t know why I was in a bad way yesterday but last night I was careful to lie on my back and avoid clutching a pillow to my side. I feel much better now but the doctor said for me to come back later this week. I am also putting aside the BackJoy because frankly I don’t think it is helping me.

After the chiropractor, I got hungry and while walking around I saw someone eating lugaw at Orange Brutus. I had no idea! Of course it wasn’t that really good but there are times I just want something filling yet easy to digest and not fried. I then had Goldilocks square brownies which I used to enjoy before, more expensive this time but still dense and not overly sweet.


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