June 11, 2014

Musings Wk#24

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Starting this week, I will write down random thoughts. This is to force me to document more my life so that in the future I can fondly (maybe) look back at it.

– After spending the weekend mostly horizontal and covered in sweat, I finally changed the beddings. Laziness does not help with my depressed mood.

– The only emails I get in my personal email are online banking confirmations and the latest jobs available that I am not qualified for.

– I need to constantly remind myself not to stress out with my work because in the end there are things that I don’t have control of. Yesterday afternoon I received good news that removed a thorn from my side that has been plaguing me for several weeks.

–  Taught my second yoga class on Monday. I intentionally did not bring a mat so that I won’t do any of the poses (trying to follow the doctor’s advise) but in the end I still did a few asanas.

– I am planning to slowly use up my spirulina by taking them in the afternoons when I am most likely to be tempted by unhealthy snacks and junk food. So far it has been a hit and miss.

– Watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A blurry copy but the movie was good but I am not interested with SHIELD and Hydra stories.

– Saw the ninth episode of Game of Thrones season 4. Thank goodness that I have read the books so I don’t have to obsess over it.

– I joined Jaya’s class last night and was surprised that I was stronger than I thought.

– A four day weekend looms ahead! My to-do-list includes washing curtains and Deep Stretch yoga.


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