June 24, 2014

Washable Menstrual Pads

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Last month I bought 3 washable menstrual pads (10”) from Eco Baby Boutique for P800 (plus P90 for shipping). It was only during this weekend that I was able to finally try it. I had a lot of apprehensions in the beginning. Will the pads stay in place? Will the blood seep through my underwear? How to wash the pads? After almost 3 days of use, I am already a convert though I was still using disposable pads when I went out of the house to do yoga. 

Since the beginning, I always wondered whether the pads would stay in place with only a pair of snaps. I realized that as long as I was using snug underwear and if the pad was long enough there was a hardly concern for that. The pads I use are made of fleece wherein the blood/fluid is absorbed but the waterproof lining prevents seepage into your underwear. 

As for washing the pads, I finally found evidence that during menstruation women only lose a small amount of blood, most of it is just fluid/water. After use, I just wash away the blood in running water and then use body wash (I didn’t have any mild detergent) to clean. After just a few uses I already saw hints of possible stains though I am planning to remedy it by exposing to the sun or hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately I was using the pads during gloomy/rainy weather so I had a hard time drying them. But I think under a strong sun, a couple of hours is enough to dry them. 

This is just my first use so I still have a lot of questions. I haven’t used them continuously outside the house and I am not sure if it would still remain in place if I do yoga. If I don’t wash them immediately after use, would there be more stains? Also I am not exactly sure when I should change the pads because the visual cues I am used to is no longer valid. I don’t see a lot of blood on the pads unlike the disposable ones. 

Last night I wasn’t being mindful so I did not notice that I had leaked through. This happens even if I wear disposable pads since I would suddenly get a heavy flow for a few hours, this is the sign that my period has come to an end. 

To summarize, I am a convert despite the fact that there a couple of setbacks. One is the additional time to wash the pads. I do this every time I change to minimize stains. The second setback is the cost. I have found cheaper ones at but I am not sure how durable they are compared to the ones I bought at Eco Baby Boutique. I still have to see if I can get by just using 3 pads during my period. 

If anyone is interested, here is the link to the washable menstrual pads I am using: .


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