June 30, 2014

Therapeutic Yoga Workshop with Adina Schwartz at YogaHub

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10360412_661324843951674_2806185640048842394_nLast Saturday I attended Adina Schwartz’ Therapeutic Yoga Workshop at YogaHub. When I learned about this workshop a couple of months ago, I was sorely disappointed since I thought I would be on long term travel by June. When my travel was cancelled early this month, I asked YogaHub if there was still a slot available. I was put on the waiting list until I got a confirmation a day before the workshop. On my way to the workshop on Saturday, I got stuck in traffic for more than 30 minutes because of a fire right beside BTC. I had to even walk a part of the way because at the rate the jeepney was moving, I would not be at BTC by 4:30PM. Actually the first batch of the workshop had to cancel 15 minutes in, at that time the fire was just starting and they could even smell the smoke inside the studio.

Attendees of the workshop included yoga teachers and seasoned students. I was there because of my misaligned back and hips. Bolsters, blocks and straps were used in almost every pose. Memorable poses included tree pose standing on a bolster (very wobbly!), resting the heels on a bolster, doing chaturanga with a strap (this was an eye opener for me!), shoulder rolls that was painful for me on the left side, marichyasana C with the back hand on the wall, a funky variation of the extended side angle, etc. There was supposed to be a discussion after savasana (legs on the wall) but the smoke from the fire was getting stronger again so everyone was advised to pack up and leave. I wish someone took a video of what we did because the next day I woke up with no back pain at all! I have not felt that good in weeks! I hope that YogaHub could share Adina’s discussion in some form because I think everyone benefitted from the workshop. Also, I hope that soon there will be more restorative or therapeutic yoga classes, too much focus has been put in vigorous asanas. Let the weekend be the time for our bodies to really  recover! Also the workshop was more effective, cheaper and enjoyable than a session at the chiropractor!

Photo from YogaHub Facebook page. I am the one on the purple mat.



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  1. Thank you so much for your kind post. I loved teaching at YogaHub, what a great community and strong students! I’m also so happy that you had relief in your body after class. Please email me at with any of your questions about your back/hip concerns.
    Love, Adina

    Comment by Adina — July 10, 2014 @ 2:48 am

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