July 7, 2014

Yoga Retreat at Ruth’s Place, Moalboal, Cebu

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I spent the weekend at Moalboal in a private resort for an informal yoga retreat. Our group was composed of 8 women (Jeanne, Jackie, Gabbie, Regina, Anne, Janeth, Clarisse, Josh and me) and 5 guys (Jaya, Jason, Kai, J5 and Nathan). We stayed overnight in a house and shared the amenities that included 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and our own beach. The place is owned by Katharina Schmidt, a half-Filipina and half-German clothing entrepreneur mostly based in Manila. The place is named after her mom Ruth.

When Jeanne told me that there would be no food there, I thought we would end up fasting but everyone contributed some sort of food that we ended up eating most of the time. The eating started early when we were inside the van and around 10AM at Carcar we had lunch at a roadside carenderia. Then at Barili we ate piping hot bibingka. When we arrived at the place, we had Gabbie’s rice krispies and bought ice cream from a peddler along the beach. After that I lost track how many times we ate. Before breakfast, I think I ate twice and was worried that something will spill out when I go into Downward Facing Dog. Whatever food that could be cooked was cooked, a leftover ampalaya was simply fried since all the eggs ran out. When the calamansi were used up, the squeezed rinds was combined with the chili sauce. The cooking was mostly done by Jeanne, Jackie and Anne, I was part of the cleanup crew. Our last group eating was at the milk station in Barili, most of us ate the carabao ice cream. I also tried the silvanas, the others drank carabao milk and ate ngohiong.

The common denominator for everyone was yoga so we did sunset yoga and early morning yoga eventhough everyone wanted to just laze around. We also handed out goodies to local kids and even taught them a few yoga moves. In the evening we had a bonfire, sang kirtan and even had an impromptu mini yoga dance which wiped me out. The next day I was up early listening to the wind and enjoying my hot white chocolate drink. After breakfast we walked on the beach and went to Club Serena to check out the place. I was impressed with the suite’s roofless shower and bathtub! In the other end of the beach, the others tried skim boarding and did some yoga poses on the sand.

I would like to thank Katharina for sharing the place to us, Jeanne for organizing the whole thing, Nathan and Jojo for providing transportation and for everyone for sharing their energies. Namaste!


Yoga Retreat

Photo from Regina Malabago’s Facebook. Left to Right: Jaya, J5, Jojo, Regina, Me, Kai, Janeth, Gabbie, Jackie, Katharina, Jeanne, Josh, Jason, Clarisse.


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